12 Signs You're an Overscheduled Mom

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Even if you consider yourself to be a highly organized person, it's way too easy these days to fill your schedule with so many different appointments and activities that you can barely keep track of them anymore. And especially as the kids head back to school, it's like our daily routines go from having nothing at all to do to having so much on our plates that it's impossible to keep anything straight. Oftentimes you might not even realize you've totally overscheduled yourself until it's way too late. Sound familiar?

On that note, here are 12 signs that you've probably scheduled way more than you can handle while trying to be the best parent you possibly can be.


1. You know you have a busy day ahead of you, so you set your alarm an hour early, "just in case." But then you still freak out the minute it goes off out of fear that you overslept.

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2. To make sure you don't wake anyone else up, you get dressed in the dark. But then you realize you put your clothes on inside out.

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3. You finally get the kids up, dressed, fed, packed for school -- and then on the way out the door, you realize you forgot to make their lunches.

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4. You frantically dig money out of your purse and figure they can just buy lunch. You get them to the bus stop on time, but then you realize you forgot to pack their homework.

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5. You send them on their way, rush home to retrieve the homework, and figure you'll drop it at school on the way to your dentist appointment, which you've already rescheduled four times because of other conflicts. You CAN'T miss this one.

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6. But on the way to the appointment, you hit major traffic, and you walk in a good 20 minutes late. And that forces you to reschedule yet again, because you can't miss open house in your kid's classroom. You're beyond annoyed, and so is the receptionist.

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7. After the classroom visit, you're feeling all sorts of awesome because you have exactly enough time to go grocery shopping, clean the house, and pay a few bills before the kids get home.

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8. But then you realize kid number one has soccer and kid number two has ballet and OMG you have no idea where their uniforms are. And you really don't have time to go through every single laundry basket in the house, so you take a detour over to the mall to buy new ones. You can feel your blood pressure rising.

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9. The mall is a damn zoo, so by the time you get the goods, you realize you won't make it home in time to meet the bus. You drive to the school as fast as you can to pick up the kids.

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10. You grab the kiddos and manage to get each of them to their respective activities with five minutes to spare. Winning.

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11. But then you get this sinking feeling that you're forgetting something. OMG -- that's right! The neighbors are coming for dinner, and you totally forgot to turn the oven on. Now you have no roast to feed them.

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12. And then you're all, "Oh, to heck with it. Everybody loves pizza, right?"

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Do you feel like this when back to school hits?


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