Type-A Mom vs. Regular Mom on the First Day of School

Linda Sharps | Aug 5, 2014 Being a Mom

type A mom regular mom back to school

Have you noticed that the back to school supplies have already started showing up in various stores? There's something about seeing all those adorable pencil cases and stylish lunch boxes that makes me feel squirmy, maybe even a little guilty. See, I feel like I SHOULD be the sort of mom who shops early so as to ensure my kids have the best deals and most comprehensive selection of backpacks that hopefully won't detonate three months into the school year, but if history's any indicator, I'll be doing my shopping a week or so before school starts, and I'll probably forget something mission-critical, like those 30 containers of hand sanitizer every classroom requires these days.

As if getting the right supplies isn't hard enough, parents are now expected to make their kids' first day of school into an artsy-crafty, design-magazine-worthy occasion. Not sure what I mean? Behold the Pinterest mom's approach to back to school ... vs the, ah, slightly less organized mom. (Hi!)

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back to school

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