10 Ways Busy Moms Give Back Without Even Realizing It

Maressa Brown | Jul 29, 2014 Being a Mom

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Whether we're consumed by work, play, or something in between, "busy" only begins to describe how most of us feel. Even in the summer, there's no denying that most moms' itineraries are jam-packed. As a result, you might feel like you're not doing everything you can in the way of charity. The truth is we all wish we could give more.

But busy moms actually do cover a lot of ground, even if you don't realize it. We're helping one another -- and our communities -- all the time! Here, 10 ways busy moms give back every day.

How do busy moms you know give back without even realizing it?

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  • By volunteering at school


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    Merely baking cookies or signing up for lunch or bus duty may not initially sound like the be-all and end-all of charitable acts, but it's most definitely an active way to support education.

  • By offering to carpool


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    Moms make eco-friendly strides just by hitting the road with a few extra kids on board: The fewer vehicles shuttling the kids to school or after-school activities, camp, soccer, etc., the fewer carbon emissions and a healthier planet for everyone.

  • By hosting sleepovers


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    Sure, opening up your home for your kiddos' friends might just be a fun way to celebrate a birthday or a regular Saturday night, but it's also doing other parents a major service! Moms could easily bolster other moms' marriages simply by giving them an opportunity for a date night.

  • By caring for your parents


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    It may just be something we think of as necessary or inevitable, but a mom's dedication to taking care of an aging parent is undeniably classified as giving back and supporting the elderly.

  • By giving away clothing


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    Anytime kids outgrow a size or you're simply doing spring cleaning, you might not even think twice about giving clothes away, but those donations surely mean a lot to whomever you're handing 'em down to.

  • By planning ladies' night out


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    Whether you're just hitting up the local bar for trivia night or checking out a new flick together, moms can "give back" to other moms by setting aside time for a bit of bonding, socializing, and R&R.

  • By shopping at a farmers' market and/or making your own baby food


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    Buying and using local produce is a win-win for moms, their kids, and local farmers!

  • By signing your child up for dance class or art or music lessons


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    You're not only helping support your child's spirit and creativity, but by involving them in these sorts of endeavors, you're casting a vote to support the arts.

  • By helping your child with their diorama or a similar art project


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    If you're able to come up with a new use for an old material, you're helping with recycling efforts that can reduce waste and make for a better Earth.

  • By shopping at mom and pop stores


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    If you're patronizing a local biz, you're giving back to your community, plain and simple!


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