7 Brilliant Inventions By Moms for Moms (PHOTOS)

Judy Dutton | Jul 31, 2014 Being a Mom
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  • Fold-Up Beach Pail You Pack in Your Purse


    Image via PackablePails.com

    "On our trip to the beach we had packed everything ... only when we got there, my son asked for toys to play with and we had nothing!" recalls Melissa Reed. "After purchasing a high priced beach bucket, he was further disappointed when we had to leave it behind." Her solution? Packable Pails ($14.99), a collapsible plastic container she could tuck in her purse.

  • EZLeaps


    Image via EZLeaps.com

    Teaching kids to tie their shoes can be a hair-tearing-out experience for parents. That's why mom and first grade teacher Eileen Sloan created EZLeaps ($5.49, EZLeaps.com), a decorative card that guides children through the tying process and makes the "holding the laces" part more manageable. Plus, the card pops off at the end and magically shoes are tied! Here's a video on how it works.

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