7 Brilliant Inventions By Moms for Moms (PHOTOS)

Judy Dutton | Jul 31, 2014 Being a Mom
7 Brilliant Inventions By Moms for Moms (PHOTOS)

Computer chips, penicillin, the wheel ... yes, all important inventions. But the ones that really fill me with awe as a mom are inventions inspired by kids. Ever had one of those moments where you're struggling with, say, a leaky diaper or teaching your kid how to tie his shoes and thought, "Dang, there's GOT to be a better way"? Well, certain moms, dads, teachers, and other enterprising individuals actually found a solution, then had the gumption to build it, sell it, and make the lives of countless moms and dads a little bit easier. Hail to these seven wonders of the modern parenting world.

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  • Never Lose a Pacifier Again


    Image via WubbaNub.com

    "Missing Pacifier Syndrome": We've all been there, right? Well, Carla Schneider was also sick of her baby Bret losing his binky, so in an act of desperation, she sewed it onto one his stuffed animals so he could easily hold it. The first WubbaNub ($12.95) was born. Now, star moms from Jennifer Garner to Gwen Stefani swear by it.

  • Eliminate Needle-phobia


    Image via Amazon.com

    The reason kids get dragged to the doctor kicking and screaming? Fear of shots. So doctor Amy Baxter figured out a way to eliminate the pain of injections with Buzzy -- a vibrating bee that numbs the area before the needle goes in ($39.95 at Amazon).

  • Keep Toddlers From Unspooling All the Toilet Paper


    Image via Amazon.com

    Kids love yanking out reams and reams of toilet paper, leaving adults to repair the damage. That's why Tamara Monosoff developed a way to stop it with the TP Saver ($5.01 on Amazon.com), which allows you to pull off only a couple sheets at once. From there, Monosoff went on to found MomInventors.com to support other entrepreneurs.

  • Poo Protector


    Image via BlowoutBlocker.com

    Where poo is involved, diapers can only do so much, particularly when baby's got, well, explosive problems down below. But Blowout Blocker ($12.95, BabyBlowoutBlocker.com) can help. Invented by a pair of grossed out parents, this extension to a standard diaper protects baby's clothes, bedding, car seats, and carpets from up-the-back diaper messes for easy cleanup.

  • End the Hair-Brushing Battles


    Image via KnotGenieStore.com

    If you've got girls, the fight to de-tangle their hair can get so bad, you've no doubt contemplated buzz cuts. Luckily, Rikki Mor found a way to provide pain-free hair brushing to her three daughters: the Knot Genie ($19.99, KnotGenieStore.com), which has bristles of varying lengths and special ends that prevent hair pulling.

  • Fold-Up Beach Pail You Pack in Your Purse


    Image via PackablePails.com

    "On our trip to the beach we had packed everything ... only when we got there, my son asked for toys to play with and we had nothing!" recalls Melissa Reed. "After purchasing a high priced beach bucket, he was further disappointed when we had to leave it behind." Her solution? Packable Pails ($14.99), a collapsible plastic container she could tuck in her purse.

  • EZLeaps


    Image via EZLeaps.com

    Teaching kids to tie their shoes can be a hair-tearing-out experience for parents. That's why mom and first grade teacher Eileen Sloan created EZLeaps ($5.49, EZLeaps.com), a decorative card that guides children through the tying process and makes the "holding the laces" part more manageable. Plus, the card pops off at the end and magically shoes are tied! Here's a video on how it works.

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