11 Awesome Ways for Moms to Kill Time in the School Drop-Off Line (PHOTOS)

Jenny Erikson | Aug 4, 2014 Being a Mom
11 Awesome Ways for Moms to Kill Time in the School Drop-Off Line (PHOTOS)

School Pick-UpIt's just about back-to-school time, and that means back to the morning rush routine. You know what I'm talking about -- the scramble that happens every single morning as you beg your kids to get out of bed, try to get them to eat something, and invariably panic when someone can't find a shoe.

And then after all that chaos, you finally make it to school, only to be overwhelmed with the feeling of "hurry up and wait," because that drop-off line of a gazillion cars is moving like molasses. The line at pickup isn't any better either. Basically, the school drop-off line sucks. But don't worry, we've come up with some great ideas for you to the beat the school drop-off and pickup doldrums this year! After all, when else are you going to catch up on your knitting?

What do you do in the car while you wait to drop off or pick up your kids?

ways to kill time at school drop off

Images via kelseyrenee1987/Instagram and Kalurah/Instagram

  • Catch Up on Your Reading


    Image via filowo/Instagram

    Throw that stack of mags you've been meaning to skim through into the car and have at it.

  • Knit


    Image via Kalurah/Instagram

    Get ready for winter by knitting up some blankets and scarves to your heart's content.

  • Crochet


    Image via cthandmade/Instagram

    Or crochet. That works too.

  • Eat Sushi


    Image via kitschkween/Instagram

    No time for lunch while the kids were in school? That's OK, get some spicy tuna to go and nosh while you wait for them to get out.

  • Tan


    Image via the1andonlylaurenelise/Instagram

    Soak up those last few rays of summer sunshine and get your tan on.

  • Nap


    Image via gavin_g37/Instagram

    Especially popular with the dads ... get a little shut-eye before the afternoon homework shenanigans start.

  • Caffeinate


    Image via ssej_m/Instagram

    Or if a nap isn't possible, why not enjoy a little caffeinated pick-me-up?

  • Count


    Image via kelseyrenee1987/Instagram

    Count the cars behind you in line, and then count your blessings you're not at the end of it.

  • Bond


    Image via kipikat/Instagram

    If you have younger kids in the car, use the opportunity to bond with them over fun mirror selfie tricks.

  • Embarrass Your Kids


    Image via cisforcandy/Instagram

    Nothing says love like dressing up in an embarrassing costume to surprise and delight horrify your children!


  • Cut in Line


    Image via vaguelyspecific/Instagram

    There have to be some advantages to being green, right? Aside from saving the planet, I mean.

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