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Vintage Lunch Box QUIZ: What Year Did School Kids Carry THESE?

Being a Mom Judy Dutton Aug 4, 2014

vintage lunch box quizBack in elementary school, my Garfield lunch box was my pride and joy. Today, if I spot one in a little kid's grip, I get almost teary eyed with memories. And with the retro lunch box craze booming, your own kids might want one, too -- which is why we decided to highlight 10 of the best old school lunch tins we've seen and have you guess what era they're from.

Check these out to test your pop culture savvy combined with a good ol' kick of school days nostalgia.

What was your favorite lunch box when you were a kid?

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It doesn't get more classic than Peanuts, and this 1973 vintage lunch box may bring back memories of Charlie Brown failing at kite flying, Lucy browbeating her brother, and Snoopy masquerading as the Red Baron.

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First released in Japan in 1980, this insatiable, pellet-chomping icon ushered in the era of parents sighing, "All our kids do is play video games." No wonder he migrated from the arcades to lunch boxes, too.

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4Star Wars

In 1977, the George Lucas-inspired world of light sabers, Darth Vader, and quirky robots captured our imaginations and landed on lunch boxes. And with a new sequel coming out in 2015, clearly the Force is still strong today!

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5The Partridge Family

In 1970, this TV sitcom about a widowed mom and her five kids embarking on a music career was so seminal, this lunch box ended up displayed in the National Museum of American History. 

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The popularity of the World Cup is bigger now than ever, and it all started when Brazilian soccer legend Pelé started competing in 1958. That's why we'd wager this 1975 lunch box would still resonate with young soccer fans today.

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7GI Joe

This "Real American Hero" took Saturday morning cartoons by storm in 1982. After conquering the hearts and minds of kids, it comes as no surprise he got a foothold on lunch boxes, too.


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In 1984, kids were captivated by these cute little creatures that turn into not-so-cute monsters if fed past midnight. From there, they infiltrated lunch boxes left and right.

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9Strawberry Shortcake

This berry-scented doll first showed up on greeting cards in 1977 and became a huge fad in the '80s. And her presence on lunch boxes is appreciated, as she's still beloved by girls today (just ask my 4-year-old daughter).

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