10 Signs You're Ready for Another Baby

  1. You have a Pinterest board titled, “My imaginary baby.” It's your only Pinterest board.
  2. You sway from side to side when you see a random infant in the grocery store.
  3. You refuse to invest in family portraits ... just in case.
  4. You volunteer to throw baby showers for friends you barely know.
  5. You excitedly found the perfect summer beach bag ... only to realize it was, in fact, a diaper bag.
  6. You recently bought a six-pack of ballerina baby socks because they were on sale and you just couldn’t pass them up.
  7. You have a pack of infant diapers in the bottom of your bathroom drawer, and it kills you that you didn’t time the sizing correctly.
  8. You get annoyed when an acquaintance names her baby one of the 10 names you once considered for your children.
  9. You have some spare time, money, and/or energy on your hands and just can't figure out how else to use it.
  10. You’re holding a positive pregnancy test.

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So ... are you ready?


Image via Scary Mommy

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