My Son Is Free to Wear Pink No Matter What Anyone Says

quirkie kidsThere is a new campaign that shows support for boys who wear pink because of the sad reality that we need something like this in 2014. Pink is, as we all know, a color. And apparently it's a "girl" color, which means that boys shouldn't wear it unless they want to be considered a girl. Being considered a girl is supposedly a bad thing.

Martine Zoer, founder of Quirkie Kids, is doing something about this. Her brand makes pink tees for boys and girls, and she's using her platform to promote acceptance of boys who wear pink with a Free to Wear Pink campaign. As a mother of a boy, I think this campaign is needed.


The "rules" go something like this: Boys shouldn't wear pink, or princess costumes, or play with dolls, or have long hair, or polish their nails. I don't agree with any of this.

But maybe that's because my son gets mistaken for a girl quite often. My 4-year-old son can wear pink. He wears a pink butterfly necklace. He's worn pink princess costumes. He has polished his nails. Well, I have polished his nails at his request. He plays with dolls. He also loves cars, skateboarding, superheroes, and Transformers. His hair is long and blond, and he has delicate features.

"She's so cute!" is a comment we get a lot. I've stopped correcting people. Pink or no pink -- people are going to draw their own conclusions. It's my job to make sure my son realizes this, and feels confident enough in himself not to worry about what other people think.

This campaign #freetowearpink is more for those people -- the strangers, the parents, the grandparents -- who are telling boys they can't wear a princess dress or they can't wear a pink necklace or a pink shirt or polish their nails.

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For some reason, pink is "wrong" for boys. My son is free to wear pink or "girly" things no matter what anyone says. He proudly wears his pink butterfly necklace without a second thought. And why shouldn't he? Because, quite simply, pink is a color. A color he likes. Though he will remind me that green is his favorite of all.

It's strange the many things people get hung up on when it comes to parenting and kids. A boy wearing pink shouldn't be one of them.

What do you think of this campaign? Does your son wear pink?


Image via Quirkie Kids/Instagram

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