Baby Copies Pregnant Mom's Walk With a Perfect Waddle (VIDEO)

baby walkingParents are a child's first teacher. And face it, that little mumbling and teetering tot learns everything from you: how to talk, how to stand, and even how to walk. And at some points, you can be amazed just how incredible their impersonation of you can be. Take one comic-in-the-making, for example, who has perfected his imitation of mom, complete with grunts and a forward-facing belly. That's right, the baby walks just like his pregnant mom.

And it's all with the flip of a switch. That just makes this video so much better. Take a look:


Come on, how great is that? Immediately, he knows exactly how to change his posture, his expression, and even his sound bites. Absolutely golden.

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Be honest, moms, how many times has this happened to you? So often, it's the crazy things kids do that make us laugh the most. And even though we may not always consider it, they take in and copy most little things we do. They may be tiny, but they surely take notice. We're so thankful for it too, because seeing an itty-bitty munchkin waddle like his pregnant momma is hilarious enough to leave us lol-ing in our seats.

Do your babies ever mimic what you're doing?


Image via Dermot O'Halloran/Flickr

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