8 Ways to Make a Mom's Day Today (PHOTOS)

Judy Dutton | Jul 28, 2014 Being a Mom

good job post it noteLet's be honest: Moms have it hard. Deprived of sleep, a moment's peace, adult conversation, and other everyday amenities that most non-moms take for granted, these women are often desperate for even small displays of human kindness and courtesy -- trust us, it won't take much to put a smile on her face! Here are eight easy ways you can be her hero that take less than three seconds to do. Try one, try them all, and good karma will be bound to come your way.

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  • Hold open a door so she can push her stroller through


    Opening a door while pushing a stroller is a tricky combination -- which is why a mom will be grateful if you hold the door for her so she doesn't have to wrangle her way through by herself. Or help her carry her stroller up/down the stairs.

  • Let a mom cut in front of you in a long line


    Whether it's a long line to the bathroom or at the grocery store, moms are often frantic to get to the front. That way her kids won’t pee their pants and/or have a meltdown before she can get them out of there!

  • Be nice to the mom whose kid is having a tantrum


    Say something funny, endearing, or kind to a mom with a child throwing a
 public tantrum (and teeming with internal humiliation), like, "Don't worry,
 we've all been there." Or "S/he's just a toddler, it's totally normal." Most people just throw her scathing looks.   

  • Acknowledge the good kids, too


    If a mom’s kids are well behaved,
 compliment their manners. It validates that all of the hard work she’s done has
 paid off -- and has been noticed!

  • Take a picture of mom WITH her kids


    So many times moms are taking pictures of their children and they are absent. It is wonderful -- and meaningful -- to have someone offer to snap a photo.

  • Tell a mom, 'You look great!'


    Odds are she’s barely had a chance to brush her teeth, so a little admiration for her beauty will make her melt.

  • Invite a new mom into your circle of mommy friends


    Mothering can be a lonely business, and not everyone has found their clique yet. So go ahead and make the first move; you'll gain a friend too.


  • Compliment a mom in front of her kids


    Say, "Wow, your mom is so _________ [fun, nice, cool, awesome]. I know my mom never did things like that with me." Hopefully they will get a glimpse into how lucky they are to have her as their mom -- and that mom will love you forever.

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