What a Stay-at-Home Mom's Day Really Looks Like (PHOTOS)

mom with daughters at home cookingAsk any stay-at-home mom, and she'll tell you she's heard it all before: How lucky they are to get to hang out all day with their little ones, how "fun" and "easy" it must be, how jealous others are that they too wish they could sleep in, get their nails done, have all that "free time!" What a life! Actually, what a laugh riot for SAHMs who know all too well that they actually have a tireless full-time job, and their day looks nothing like the Leave It to Beaver, shiny, glossy example some might imagine.

Here, what a day in the life of a SAHM really looks like ...


No matter what time your kids wake up, and no matter how early alarms go off, you can't help but automatically find yourself confronted by the sounds of laughing, singing, crying, screaming, and sometimes demanding. (Perhaps all at once!)


You try to prepare and serve breakfast in the most efficient way, while simultaneously making and chugging coffee, wiping down the countertops, and emptying the dishwasher ...

Only to have to do it all over again once the kids are done eating.

Then, you read the same book 10 times -- or 10 different books!

And you drink another cup of coffee.

You pack up all of their cups, toys, diapers, and other gear into about 6 different bags to head out to go grocery shopping, where you try to take advantage of teachable moments (i.e. "pick up the apple," "what color is the apple," "no, we can't get 100 apples") and also make it out of the store with everything on your list and a relatively happy kid.

Despite nibbling on snacks at the store, you and your little ones are hangry, so it's time for lunch.

After which, naptime -- during which no one leaves or shall enter the house -- hopefully occurs, and you might get a chance to breathe. Or at least pay bills and send an email or two.

When your little one wakes up, you play, read some more, practice numbers ... all while trying to figure out: what's for dinner?!

Whatever dinner is, you prepare yourself for food protests galore.

After dinner, it's time for the three Bs -- bath, books, and bed (hopefully)!

And then, despite your best efforts to read a book, get some other work done, have sex, etc., you pass out and try to get as many Zs as you can before waking up and doing it all over again, which you can't wait to do, because in the end, through all the madness, there is an overpouring of beautiful and priceless moments you wouldn't trade for the world.

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What else would you add to this "day in the life of a SAHM"?

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