Cute Little Girl Has Meltdown When Dad 'Steals' Her Nose (VIDEO)

Who knows how it started or why it amuses most children so much, but the "I got your nose" game has helped millions of parents get out of tricky situations (read: tantrums) by stopping them dead in their angry or sad tracks and making them laugh uncontrollably at the idea that someone took their noses off.

But one little girl was so not amused by the game. In fact, the idea of her adorable nose being stolen and not returned to her made her totally freak out. And, like all good parents who want to preserve these precious moments so they can show them to their children when they're older, this mom and dad caught the whole thing on video.


I get where this cutie pie is coming from. I distinctly recall my mom pretending she took my nose from me and then placing her thumb between two fingers and pretending it was my nose. I bought every minute of her joke -- hook, line, and sinker.

My three-year-old daughter is a big fan of the game, but she takes things even further by grabbing our noses and running around the house, announcing she threw our body parts in the fridge or microwave. How this simple game provides minutes of countless joy is a mystery, but why mess with something good?

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Anyway, the same can't be said for the game at this little girl's home. Here's the funny video clip -- enjoy!

Do you play the stolen nose game with your kids?


Image via tiffany terry/Flickr

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