Dad Takes His Own Daughter on Her 'First Date' (VIDEO)

corsageFor parents, spending one-on-one time with kids is important, especially when other siblings are in the picture. And teaching them that they're valued and respected? Well, that's always the goal. But now it seems that one dad's mission to spend some quality time with his 3-year-old daughter has completely backfired. The latest viral video of a dad going on a first date with his daughter has caused an uproar online, and some viewers are even calling the video "creepy."

There goes the Internet again, judging parents for just about everything! Take a look for yourself:


Thank you, Internet. For taking something so sweet and harmless and completely misconstruing the meaning. Really, you've outdone yourself with this one. 

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Dad got ready, dressed up, decked out the table, and spent some quality time with his daughter. Please, try to find creepiness in there anywhere. But clearly, one user found a way: "This is absolutely disgusting! A grown man should not be dating a child! Pedophilia is wrong, the FBI are going to raid your ass and put you in jail." And that's just one of the several nasty comments on the video.

Ok, is it really hard to notice that all this is is a father spending a fun afternoon with his daughter and teaching her how she should be treated? Just because it's a "date" doesn't mean it's romantic. Come on, people.

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It's meant to be an endearing video. All it takes is one look at the little lady and you can see how happy she is to be spending the day with her dad.

Every parent should take the time once in awhile to do something so sweet with their child, whether it's a daddy/daughter or mommy/son day out. Everyone could use a great excuse to dress up and completely pamper themselves and their little one ... here's yours!

When is the last time you did something special, one-on-one with your kids?

Image via Scott Kinmartin/Flickr

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