4-Year-Old Desperate to Be a Flower Girl Comes Up With Clever Plan

Annabelle Earl is a 4-year-old who knows what she wants. And what she wants is to be YOUR flower girl (well, anyone's flower girl, I should say). The adorable Brooklyn tot made two wishes when her mom, Kim, brought her to visit Yoko Ono's "Wishing Tree" in Washington, D.C., in April. The first was for a pet rainbow unicorn -- who wouldn't want one of those? -- but when her mom broke the news that unicorns don't exist, she went to Plan B: Annabelle just wanted to be a flower girl at someone's wedding.

Amazingly awesome mommy that she is, Kim came up with a genius way to make her daughter's dream come true.


First, she selected a rose-print dress for Annabelle. Then, she let the little girl pick out a bouquet of flowers from the store (the smart cookie went with a dozen pink and purple roses). And finally, she took Annabelle to City Hall in New York City to offer her flower girl services to one of the many couples who choose to marry at the City Clerk's office.

I was shocked when I found out Annabelle didn't have many takers at first because who the heck could resist all that cuteness?! But mom took that as an opportunity to teach her daughter how to be a successful saleswoman. While holding up a sweet sign that she colored that read, "Can I Be Your Flower Girl?" the youngin' took the next bold step and went up to couples to ask them if she could stand by their side.

And one couple finally accepted.

At first, Annabelle got stage fright, her mom says. But she fulfilled her flower girl duties to the best of her ability and, afterward, wanted something every wedding guest expects: cake!

Again, mom didn't disappoint. She brought her to a bakery and let her have a celebratory treat.

There's nothing like giving our children an opportunity to fulfill their wishes, especially when they're still so young and -- unicorns, aside -- want to experience the simplest things. Kim didn't laugh at her daughter's request or say it was impossible because they didn't know anyone getting married. She took it as a chance to do something for and with her little girl that both will remember for the rest of their lives.

And, I don't know about you, but I can picture this little sweetheart growing up to be quite the humanitarian.

Have you ever gone out of your way to make your child's wish come true?


Image ©iStock.com/nkbimages

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