Letters to the Tooth Fairy That Will Make You LOL (PHOTOS)

Maressa Brown | Jul 15, 2014 Being a Mom

tooth fairy lost tooth pillowOnce your child starts to lose their baby teeth, they most likely expect visits from the Tooth Fairy. And instead of just leaving a little tooth under their pillow, they may go to great lengths to ensure that Tooth Fairy leaves them something special. By great lengths, we mean they'll pour their sweet hearts into penning a note, which can give mom and dad a good laugh.

Here, we rounded up 11 of the best notes kids have left for the Tooth Fairy.

What sort of funny messages did your child leave for the Tooth Fairy?

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  • From the kid with some hard feelings toward her dentist


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    This kid went through some really "tuf" times, so she definitely deserves a little dough, no?

  • From the kid who's a bit of a clockwatcher


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    Looks like the Tooth Fairy's invoice is past due for this little girl ...

  • From the aspiring poet kid


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    Though she doesn't have a copy of it, one mom admits she'll never forget the poem her daughter wrote and offered the Tooth Fairy, which read, "You come in when I sleep/And take away my teeth/It’s creepy that you creep/But the money is so sweet!"

  • From the kid who's trying to play matchmaker


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    This little boy seems hell-bent on playing matchmaker between the Tooth Fairy ... and Santa Claus?!? Guess there have been more unlikely couplings!

  • From the tough customer kid


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    This little girl not only wants to keep the tooth she most recently lost, but she wants all of her old ones back ... and some cashola, too, please!


  • From the ridiculously inquisitive kid


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    One mom recalls of her daughter's communications with the Tooth Fairy: "My oldest, now 14, would leave notes every time with various messages like, 'I hope you didn’t get too wet in that bad storm we had' or something like that. As she got older and started suspecting the tooth fairy wasn’t real, she’d ask questions and expect responses to try to catch a lie! The last one was a questionnaire of about 40 questions, asking all sorts of things from 'How do you get in my room without my parents knowing?' to 'What do you do with the teeth you collect?' and more." Sounds like someone's going to grow up to be an investigative journalist ...

  • From the kid who's wheeling and dealing


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    Aww! Someone should tell this little guy he doesn't need to reason with the Tooth Fairy and that his drawing will surely suffice. Also, does the Tooth Fairy even have a mean bone in her body?!


  • From the overly honest kid


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    Don't worry, Tooth Fairy! This little boy ate his tooth with his bagel by accident, but he doesn't expect you to "look in the giant toilet"! Whew!

  • From the kid who's totally fed up now


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    Obviously, someone -- cough, the Tooth Fairy! -- is delinquent on their end of the bargain!

  • From the kid who knows what he wants


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    "Please leave big bills." Now that's a smart -- and confident -- cookie right there!

  • From the mom who went dumpster diving for her daughter


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    Okay, this one was written by a mom as opposed to a kid, but it's still pretty funny that she wrote this on behalf of her daughter in order to negotiate with the Tooth Fairy and keep herself out of further dumpster diving adventures!

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