16 Weird, Gross & Generally Annoying Things About Being Pregnant (PHOTOS)

pregnant woman looking annoyedBringing life into the world is undoubtedly one of life's most astounding experiences, but being pregnant? Not always a cakewalk! As much as celeb moms like Vanessa Lachey and Gisele Bundchen love to regale us with their talk about pregnancy being the most incredible, empowering, beautiful time in their lives, plenty of women keep it real. And they're doing other women a favor by admitting that being pregnant often comes with thoroughly annoying and just plain gross bodily and emotional changes.

Even if you're grateful to be a mama, you've gotta admit that not every minute is a picnic. Here, 16 true confessions from moms and moms-to-be about their most loathed symptoms. 


"The nipples are a problem. My areolas are like the diameter of a baseball and about 5 shades darker than normal. The dark shading isn't even in a perfect circle. It looks like a little kid couldn't color in the lines. Supposedly it will go back to normal, but it's not hot looking."

"Hemorrhoids. Nobody warned me about that crap. Gravity starts pushing downward and ... GLORY!"

"My boobs are up to 36Fs. It's unreasonable. Hubby likes it, but it's creating a ton of boob sweat with this heat!"

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"The first trimester, I was so bloated, I looked like I was 6 months pregnant. So, people would touch my belly like it was a baby bump, but the baby was only the size of a grape at that point. They were really just touching fat!"


"I had the constant bad, metallic taste in my mouth for the first 4 or 5 months. Like all day, every day, wouldn't go away. It was horrible."

"My breasts are SO DARK and ENORMOUS."

"Puking for 12 weeks. Definitely puking."

"Either of my boys would use my bladder as a punching bag at night and kick, kick, kick, so I constantly felt like I had to pee. Their kicks were rhythmic, too, so it always felt like they were taunting me."

"My sense of smell was heightened when pregnant, and my hubs' breath smelled horrible to me at all times, even if he just brushed his teeth."

"Mother's mask was such a b****. I had a dark patch of skin on my forehead and what looked like shading above my lip."

"Crazy, gross heartburn all the time."

"Holy discharge! Wish someone warned me about that one more ..."

"My nipples are harder than cork coasters."

"I'm horny all the time, but simultaneously, utterly grossed out by the thought of sex."

"When I first started feeling my baby's kicks, it just felt like bad gas."


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"Being starving and wanting to vomit at the thought of every food."

What pregnancy changes or symptoms did you loathe?


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