Little Boy Has Total Meltdown After Finding Out He's Going to Disney World (VIDEO)

I would have given my left arm as a kid to get a gift like this one from my parents. The best dad in the world secretly bought tickets to Disney World for his two young children and came up with a creative way to break the happy news to them. He strapped them into a car early one morning, presented them with two separate gift bags, and instructed them to rummage through the bags for clues as to where they were going. What a fun dad!

The man's adorable daughter was able to piece the mystery together rather quickly. Her exact words when she realized what dad had planned: "Disney World ... Ahhhhhh!!!" Now, that's every parent's dream reaction. His son Gavin didn't exactly share her enthusiasm. The tot had a total meltdown at the thought of Disney -- and dad caught the whole thing on video.


Gavin began screaming when his older sister excitedly broke the news to him. "I don't want Disney!" he shouted.

Apparently, both children -- yes, even Gavin -- wound up having a ball at the world's happiest theme park, dad revealed after the trip, and the young boy has even asked if they can return to Disney.

It's interesting that so many kids seem to have the same nightmarish reaction to the news that they'll be meeting Mickey Mouse. Could it be that the idea of so much fun in one place is too overwhelming? Or maybe they simply don't understand what, exactly, they'll be doing at Disney (answer: anything your little heart desires).

Remember the little girl who wanted to go to Mobile, Ala. instead of Disney? The kids who screamed that they wanted to visit "Chattanooga, not Disney!"? As a parent, you kind of just have to laugh it off and realize that children are the most fickle, amazingly interesting people on earth and that you just never know how they'll react. To anything.

Here's the super funny moment when Gavin learned he was going to Disney:

Was there ever a trip or experience you thought your kids would love that they actually ended up hating?


Image via Randy Pertiet/Flickr

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