Must-See: Lemur Jumps on Baby's Head at Zoo (PHOTOS)

lemurA 9-week-old from Kansas is making international headlines today for her photo that has more than a few people raising their eyebrows ... Little Finley Widener appears in photos her mom, Angie Widener, posted to Facebook, snoozing away contently in her carseat during a visit to Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard, Kansas. The only thing that's utterly out of the ordinary: Finley's sporting a lemur on her head. No kidding!

It's pretty much something you've just got to see to believe! Check it out.


So wild! Literally! Apparently, you can't take strollers into the lemur exhibit, so Angie brought Finley in the carseat and set it on the ground. She was watching her two older daughters feed the animals when a stranger said, "Um, ma'am, there is a lemur on your baby." Agh!

Her reaction was pretty much the same as anyone's -- total shock. Thankfully, a zookeeper assured her that Finley was safe, so instead of flipping out, she laughed it off and took the photos, which have now gone crazy viral. Turns out, Finley slept through the whole "encounter" with the lemur.

While some tongues are wagging in response to the pics, it seems like all was perfectly well. In bizarro situations like this, where you're totally caught off-guard, you just do your best to keep your child safe -- and go with the flow! Seems like that's exactly what Angie did. Hence why the only reaction that makes sense to this kooky pic is a good, hearty laugh. 

What would you do if this happened to your baby?


Image via Jean/Flickr

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