Head-Banging Nine Inch Nails Song Soothes Crying Baby (VIDEO)

baby cryingAs parents, you will do anything to make your baby stop crying. Maybe you'll put them in the car and drive around the neighborhood endlessly in the middle of the night. You might even gently sing them their favorite lullaby as you rock them peacefully. Or you might blast some hardcore Nine Inch Nails songs to soothe the baby.

At least that's what Gary Kennedy did to calm his crying toddler. The little girl may have been wildly sobbing, but as soon as "Copy of A" comes on, she's happily dancing and smiling. Check it out:


You know the feeling, moms. Sometimes, you're so desperate to calm that crying baby that you might try just about anything. But it might be the strangest things that end up working. Who could have guessed that an unexpected rock metal jam would get the little one not only to stop the tears, but to rock out along with the music?

It may be a little risky to try out the first time (can you imagine how horribly the loud music could have gone?), but if a crazy technique works, it's clearly worth it.

What works to calm your baby?

Image ©iStock.com/RichHobson

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