How Complimenting My Kids Makes Me a Customer For Life

young girl eating ice cream

How I become loyal to a business has changed since becoming a mom. Sure, I have my favorite places to eat and shop with and without kids. My 3-year-old and 18-month-old have their favorites too, but they aren't always the same as my picks. Or, for the same reasons.

My kids love going where they can run around and eat ice cream. I like going where I don't feel like we're being constantly eyeballed by employees and customers alike. My absolute favorite places to go, especially when venturing out solo with both kids, are places that compliment my children.


If we're having a rough morning at home, sometimes I like to take my kids out to lunch. It might seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes all three of us need time out of the house. Luckily, my crew tends to behave better for such outings. There are two local restaurants within walking distance of our home that have become my favorites, but not because of their food.

The staff at both places are always friendly to us and have complimented my children on several occasions. When I'm having a "mom fail" type of day, it can be reassuring to hear someone else's perspective. My earlier frustration turns to feelings of pride. Our moods are lifted. There are smiles and giggles.

Most importantly, we don't feel like burdens. When my son fusses loudly or my daughter has difficulty sitting still in her seat, I'm not immediately anxious. I don't expect special treatment or for anyone to go out of their way for us (though it is greatly appreciated), but kind smiles and kind words go a long way with this mama. 

When you make us feel welcome, we come back more frequently and tip well!

Are there places that make you and your kids feel more welcome than others?

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