Every Mom Deserves a 'Push Present'

push presentAbout a week after I had my daughter, I was sitting in my tiny apartment, crying -- either from happiness or exhaustion -- when my husband walked over to me with a box.

"What's this?" I asked.

"Open it," he said. "It's for you."

What came next doesn't even matter. At that point, I probably would have been touched if I found a bag of oranges in the box. But I'll never forget getting that random gift in the midst of such a crazy and emotional time, and the realization that my incredible, kind, often absent-minded husband had even thought to do something like that.


In recent years, push presents, like moustaches, Sunday Fundays, and DIY everything, have become a "thing." But unlike moustaches, Sunday Fundays, and DIY everything, push presents don't come without their share of critics (although, let's get real here, guys, moustaches are pretty played out at this point).

For those of you in the dark, a push present is a gift a mother receives from her partner after giving birth. They range from the completely ostentatious and ridiculous (see Rachel Zoe's monstrous post-baby 10-carat diamond ring) to the simple (think a pretty bouquet of flowers or a sweet-smelling bottle of perfume). Many people pooh-pooh push presents as unnecessary since a baby seems like gift enough. But I think they're a nice gesture -- and one every mom deserves.

It's not about the actual gift; it's the thought behind it. There I was, worrying and planning and thinking about our baby for months on end. And there my husband was, thinking about me. (I didn't think anyone was thinking about me!) As any mom knows, the minute you give birth, it's so not about you anymore, no matter how exhausted, sore, or emotional you are. So receiving a gift that says, "You did a lot and it didn't go unnoticed" is pretty damn great. 

Did you get a push present?


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