Dad & 3-Year-Old Daughter Melt Our Hearts Singing 'Frozen's 'Let It Go' (VIDEO)

There have been quite a few renditions of the oh so popular song "Let It Go" from the kiddie-cult flick Frozen. I love the one where it's just the parents giving a spirited version of the song in the car and Pearl Jam even covered it at a recent concert. But nothing will win the hearts of even the most frozen of them all than this father and daughter sing-along.

Here is 3-year-old Blakely and her dad Billy belting out the tune in the car.


My twins are 4 and LOVE this song as much as it seems Blakely does. What is with this movie? It really captured the hearts of kids everywhere. My kids play Frozen all the time and dress up and pretend they are different characters in the film. We don't even have to watch the movie to get excited about it.

I love Blakely's expressions and hand movements. She's so into it. It seems that this might be one of the fun things she and her dad do a lot. Sing-alongs are so great with kids -- just belt it out. That and dance parties. This is reason 984 that parenting rules. We get to do things like this with a person who is always excited about doing things like this!

Are your kids also obsessed with Frozen?

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