Soldier Dad Gives 11-Year-Old Surprise of His Life at Baseball Game (VIDEO)

Military UniformI don't think we'll ever get our fill of touching reunions between kids and their parents returning from an overseas deployment. Families sacrifice a lot when mom or dad is in the service, sometimes going a year or more without seeing them.

It's always so sweet when people step up to help make things better for kids who miss their parents, and Austin Sides probably thought that's what the MLB was doing for him for his 11th birthday Tuesday night. He got to throw the opening pitch for the Kansas City Royals game against the Los Angeles Dodgers but got the sweetest surprise when he realized that the catcher was his dad, Air Force Major Robert Sides!



Austin probably just had the best day of his life. He got to throw the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game, and he did a great job. Then he found out that his dad was not only back after a year in the Middle East, but got to witness firsthand his awesome toss!

The look on Austin's face is absolutely priceless, and you can tell how much his dad means to him. I'm sure he's proud of his dad's service, but there's nothing like a sweet homecoming like this one.

Did you tear up watching this video?


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