'Extreme Parenting' Reality Show ​Makes Natural Moms Look Kind of Crazy

familyChances are, if you're practicing one particular "style" of parenting, it's because you truly believe it's the right way to raise a kid. And if you believe it's right, it stands to reason you wouldn't call your parenting style "extreme," right? Tell that to the parents who have signed up for Bravo's newest reality show: Extreme Guide to Parenting.

The network that has made stars out of women who marry rich and fight like cats and dogs is now turning the camera on moms and dads who practice everything from "conscious attachment" to elimination communication with a show set to air this summer.


Why Bravo is doing it is clear: judging other parents is practically a national pastime. There isn't a sanctimommy in America who won't want to tune in on August 7 for the premiere featuring a family that touts an “eco-kosher, shamanistic” method of parenting. Or the show to air later in the series about Christian and Nate Axness, “conscious-attachment” parents who refuse to vaccinate and believe in breastfeeding on demand.

Whether these parents are right or wrong, someone will judge. Someone will always judge.

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No, the real question is who would sign up for a show that blatantly describes itself as showing the "extreme" side of parenting? According to the dictionary, the word refers to "exceeding the bounds of moderation," which doesn't exactly sound like a "good" thing to be doing with kids.

But we make our parenting choices -- most of us anyway -- based on what we think is good for our kids, right? It may not be something other moms or dads would choose, but we don't see ourselves as "exceeding" bounds. We just see ourselves as doing the best we can with our children.

If we think something is extreme, it begs the question ... why would we do it to our kids?

And on the flip side, if we think it's right and good to do with our kids ... would we consider it "extreme"?

Check out the trailer for the new show ... would you sign up for something like this? What do you think constitutes "extreme" parenting?

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