Little Boy's Wild Dance at Baseball Game Steals the Show (VIDEO)

baseball fieldBaseball is America's pastime, and attending games with family and kids is one of the best summer activities. But seeing your face on the Jumbotron? Well, that just beats everything. Take one young Miami Marlins fan, for instance, who noticed he was being broadcast on the stadium's televisions and immediately broke out into dance.

But not just any dance. What may seem normal and even silly at first turns downright ridiculous. See for yourself:


Not what you were expecting, huh? But it just goes to show how kids (and, honestly, probably everyone) can get excited over the littlest things. Something as simple as going to a baseball game, only to find your face on the Jumbotron, can elicit moves you never knew were possible.

Can the team please get him as the mascot already?


Image via Corey Seeman/Flickr

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