3-Year-Old Donut Thief Takes Getting Out of Trouble to a New Level of Cute (VIDEO)​​


Even though it's our responsibility to discipline our kids to teach them right from wrong, sometimes it's just so hard to punish them when they turn on the cute factor.

Wait until you get a load of this adorable 3-year-old girl telling stories in order to work her way out of getting in trouble with her mom. Apparently she went and got herself a donut when she wasn't supposed to -- but she figured she just might get away with it if she managed to keep mom hanging on her every word.


OMG. Isn't she the sweetest little thing? I know her mom had to at least give her some sort of consequence for her actions -- but she had to be about ready to roll on the floor with laughter at how hard her daughter tried to talk her way out of being reprimanded!

And I'm sure every mom can relate, as all of us are guilty of toning down a punishment or eliminating it all together in a moment of, "OMG you are so darn adorable I can't stand it!"

Seriously -- could you have put this little girl in a time out? (I didn't think so.)

Has your child ever weaseled his way out of trouble like this?


Image via ©iStock.com/RichHobson

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