8 of the Craziest Places I've Found Cheerios (PHOTOS)

cheeriosOne of the biggest differences between my life as a parent and my life as a childless person is the lack of tiny O-shaped cereal that was in my life before I had my daughter. Joe’s O’s, Cheerios, Organic Spelt Chia Quinoa $20 O’s. They’re everywhere. No, everywhere. I dream in O-shaped cereal. My daughter loves them, and sometimes, even after I've whipped her up a nice, healthy meal, it's what she wants. "Snacks, Mama!" she'll demand.

But, as any parent knows, with a toddler eating (or doing anything), there comes a mess. And in this case the mess has manifested itself in tiny O-shaped cereal being the predominant form of decor in my home. Here, 8 crazy places I've found Cheerios.


Image via m01229/Flickr

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