7 Crazy Reasons Moms Fired Their Bad Babysitters

Suzee Skwiot | Jun 25, 2014 Being a Mom
7 Crazy Reasons Moms Fired Their Bad Babysitters

bad babysitterGood babysitters can be hard to find. And these days, it's not like we even expect them to clean up the toy room or wash the dishes they use. (As if.) We're just hoping we can find someone reliable, trustworthy, and not crazy to take care of our kids. When it works, it's great. But when it doesn't ...

Here, moms share the crazy reasons they fired their babysitters:

Did you ever have to fire a babysitter?


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  • She Called My Left-Handed Daughter 'Evil'


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    "When my daughter was about 2, she was at a highly recommended in-home daycare. The woman was licensed and had been for a number of years. One day, my daughter comes home and asks, 'What is evil?'  Now, that was an odd question, since we had never said the word.  Turns out, daycare lady had told her she was evil for being left handed!  So, I called the woman, and she not only admitted it, but started telling me I needed to 'fix this' so my daughter wouldn't go to hell. Fired on the spot."

  • My Baby Cried for Hours


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    "She would tell me constantly that my 18-month-old cried the entire time I was at work. Well she NEVER cries like that for anyone so there must be something wrong here! Never took her back and found someone else!"

  • The Babysitter Ate ALL the Food in the House


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    "I kid you not, she ate everything in the pantry. Cleaned it out completely. Wouldn't hire her again."

  • My Babysitter Threw a Party


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    "One babysitter threw a party in my home while I was gone. The children were upstairs asleep, and I only found out because her clean-up job was so poor."

  • She Stuffed My Kids With Candy


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    "Usually, I'm not that strict, but I do not like my kids to have a ton of candy before heading off to bed. The babysitter decided to ignore this rule and my kids just couldn't wait to share the story when I got home. Plus, they wouldn't go back to sleep after digesting so much sugar."

  • My Babysitter Had a Crush on My Husband


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    "I found out from a friend of a friend that she was talking about how hot my husband was. That made me so uncomfortable that I never asked her to babysit again."

  • She Drank on the Job


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    "We told her to help herself to anything in the kitchen. So she did... to the wine."

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