​Baby Gets Unforgettable Crawling Lesson From Family Dog (VIDEO)

dog teaching baby to crawlWondering how to get your baby crawling? It's simple: Have your dog teach her! A video of a positively adorable baby trying to crawl is making the rounds right now; the reason being her doggie is the one who shows her how it's done.

Check out this hilarious video, and be prepared to lose it at the 17-second mark when the pup doesn't just try to push the babe, but he actually drops to the ground and belly crawls in an effort to teach the little girl. Amazing. But not as amazing as the expression on the baby's face when she sees her beloved pet crawling along.


Adorable, right? And, when you think about, not a half-bad idea. After all, one of the ways to get your baby crawling, is to place a desirable object just out of reach. What could possibly be more desirable than a super cute dog?!

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Moms and dads, take note. If you're looking to get your baby moving, have the dog do it. After all, it's highly unlikely that they'll be the ones to teach baby to walk, as well.

How funny is the look on the baby's face when she sees the dog crawling?


Image via Valerie Stevens-Scott/YouTube



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