Parents Welcome Newborn to the World With Unbearably Sweet Video

Teddy bearAre you ready for your ovaries to explode? A couple from Minnesota found out they were expecting a new baby, and they decided to craft a present for their son that is really raising the bar on expectant parent video projects. The premise? Their little boy's teddy bear finds out he's going to get a new friend ... and he just can't wait.

Chris and Aimee Knutson's stop motion video follows the toy from the time he spots the pregnancy test right up through the most magical moment of all. Take a look:


Did you let out an "awwww" right at the last moment?

We've seen some viral videos that just leave us shaking our heads wondering, who shares this stuff? But this teddy bear video -- which clearly took hours and hours and HOURS of work by the Knutsons -- manages to capture so many of the emotions of pregnancy and so much of the magic too.

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There's the elation. The wonder. The love.

And then there's the hope of your little one going on adventures with a special friend ...

Does your baby have a special stuffie yet? What is it?


Image via Matthew/Flickr

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