6-Year-Old Gives Jimmy Kimmel a Lesson on Diaper Changing​ (VIDEO)

jimmy kimmelAs you may have heard, Jimmy Kimmel and his wife are having a baby (woo-hoo! yay babies!). And, in order to prepare himself to be the father of a newborn again, the talk show host asked some of the most brutally honest people on the planet what he needs to do in order to be the best dad he can be: Jimmy got parenting advice from kids.

From not eating poop to figuring out the proper way to hold a baby, Jimmy and the kids cover it all in this hilarious video, which, ironically, actually gives some good parenting advice.


As usual, Kimmel nails it with a funny kids video. And it's worth noting that Jimmy's light-hearted attitude about having a baby is certainly one worth adopting. (Granted, I doubt he'll really eat poop or hold his baby upside down.)

Newborns, for those of you who don't know, are insane. Truly, truly insane. And if you don't have some sort of sense of humor about things, and can't laugh through all the spit-up, lost hours of sleep, and, well, poop, you might go insane, too. Actually, scratch that, you will go insane. So even though Jimmy's tete-a-tete with these adorable little munchkins was meant as a joke, his "whatever" attitude about things actually isn't half bad.

How funny is this? Were you able to have a sense of humor during the newborn days?


Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

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