10 Reasons I'm Not Forcing Bath Time

There is a constant battle in my house over bath time. "But we're not due for one," my children like to argue. "We're not dirty!!!" Now, much as I love freshly bathed children, sometimes I'm just not up for the fight. Sometimes, I just don't give a shit. Sometimes, I just tell myself one of the following...


1. They're just going to get dirty again tomorrow. 

2. They don't smell... all that bad... at least from across the room. 

3. It's raining out and the ran from the car into the house. That was surely enough to clean off any dirtiness. 

4. I'm protecting the earth's natural resources! Between the water for the bath, the water for the laundry to clean the towels and the plastic bottle for the shampoo and body wash, I'm really doing Mother Earth a big favor. 

5. Bathing too often dries their skin.

6. There really isn't room in the tub to bathe with all those toys in there and nobody is up for cleaning both a bathtub and a body. 

7. They had a bath two days ago, and haven't played outside since then. How dirty can they possibly BE? 

8. If the kids are to be believed, there really is a monster down the drain just waiting to snatch them up. Why risk it?

9. I'm just doing my part to make other mothers feel better about themselves! 

10. It's summer and they've been in the pool for hours and that totally counts.

Image via Scary Mommy

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