Must-See: Girl Looks Exactly Like Elsa From 'Frozen' (PHOTOS)

anna faith carlsonSome people have a celebrity doppelganger. Anna Faith Carlson has an animated one. The 18-year-old from Daytona Beach, Florida looks pretty much exactly like Elsa from the ridiculously popular Disney movie, Frozen. And it's totally coming in handy with helping the aspiring actress make a name for herself!

She first started getting attention for posting a pic on Instagram of herself, side-by-side with an Elsa cut-out at the local mall. And then she actually made herself over to look even more like the character ... Check it out:



No wonder she became an overnight sensation with tons of new followers! Recently Anna took her prom dress, turned it into an Elsa costume, and started making appearances at kids' birthday parties, hospitals, and elementary schools dressed up as the beloved Snow Queen. So sweet!

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Of her experience so far, she told WOFL Fox 35:

[The kids] can't afford to go to Disney so they're just overwhelmed with joy, and that's what we live for. We love seeing their faces. You know, ‘Whoa! Is that really them?’ Like, it’s so sweet.

Amazing! Really, there's nothing that some of these children want more than to "meet Elsa"! And Anna's using her "secret power" and resemblance to turn a wild fantasy into a reality for children. Generous, big-hearted, and inspiring! And there's no doubt this rewarding experience will set Anna up for well-deserved success down the road.

What do you think about the way Anna is using her resemblance to Elsa?


Images via AnnaFaithxoxo/Instagram

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