11 Moms Share Their Craziest Pregnancy Moments

pregnantPregnancy is a beautiful, magical time, but let's get real here, it isn't all yummy omega-rich smoothies and prenatal massages. In addition to the swollen feet, the inability to get comfortable, and having to pee every three minutes, mamas-to-be, and anyone in their crossfire, have to deal with mood swings. Some crazier than others.

We asked mothers for their craziest (no, craziest) pregnancy moments, and wow, we got some doozies! Think that time you cried when you learned the ice cream shop was out of peanut butter swirl was bad? Get a load of these stories.

(And, yes, these ladies, thankfully, can laugh about this now.)

What's the craziest thing you ever did when pregnant?


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  • I Unleashed on a Police Officer


    "I started crying for no reason while driving, swerved off the road a bit, and got pulled over. The cop looked at my huge belly pushing into the steering wheel and asked me if anything was wrong. I was crying and couldn't stop. I unleashed on this poor man! I told him I was late for work, didn't have time to get my car seat inspected, and wouldn't be able to take my baby home next month because the stupid hospital would keep him from me! He was such a sweet guy. He helped me install the car seat. Apparently, he has kids and his wife was expecting another."

  • I Considered Divorce


    Robert Lake/Flickr


    "I legitimately considered divorcing my husband for not changing the kitty litter box."

  • I Freaked Out on a Drive-Thru Worker


    "I rolled up to a drive-thru with my GIANT (pregnant with twins) belly and ordered a large chocolate shake and three sides of pickles. Then I was totally blindsided when I drove up to pay and the employees were laughing because they made a bet on whether I was pregnant or not. I screamed that I ordered this ALL the time when I wasn't pregnant (total lie), and they shouldn't be discriminating against me. Then I peeled away so fast that I didn't get the food after I'd already paid. I made my husband go back and get it, and the employees sent extra because they felt bad that I was upset. When I went back the next week, they politely acted like they couldn't even see my stomach."

  • I Stabbed Someone ... With a Fork




    "I was at a buffet and the waitress went to take my plate and I stabbed her with a fork. It wasn't bad, just left some marks. The lady never came back to our table."

  • I Threw a Sandwich in Someone's Face


    "With my first, a woman at McDonald's gave me a grilled chicken sandwich when I ordered a CRISPY chicken sandwich. I went back in and asked to speak with a manager, who wasn't helpful. I threw the sandwich in her face."

  • I Got Married


    Maegan Tintari/Flickr


    "I got married. At the courthouse. When I was 19. Without telling my family first. And I love my family."

  • I Lost It at the Movies



    "I was eight months pregnant with my first child, and my husband and I went to see the movie A.I. Artificial Intelligence with Haley Joel Osment. Naturally, by the end, I was absolutely awash with tears. As the credits began to roll, a man sitting behind us said loudly, 'That was the dumbest thing I've ever seen!' I went OFF on the guy, I started yelling at him, saying, 'Shut up! That was a great movie, you don't know what you're talking about!' The man was stunned, everybody in the theater was staring at the crazy pregnant lady bellowing about poor little Haley Joel Osment at the bottom of the sea for a thousand years."

  • I Hit My Husband ... Because He Was Sleeping


    "The last two months of my pregnancy, I couldn't sleep at all. One night, I was lying there, looking at my husband sleep -- and snore! -- and I whacked him with a pillow! He woke up and I started crying. He started laughing."

  • I Fell Asleep in the Craziest Place


    "I was so tired when I was pregnant, I once fell asleep on the toilet!"


  • I Stole a Blanket


    "I ended up falling in love with a blanket at a hotel when I was pregnant. I am a tactile person to begin with and this blanket was the BOMB. I asked the manager how much it would be to buy the blanket and he told me it was not for sale. I wasn't having that so I took the blanket anyway! Heck, they had our credit card on file! Thirteen years later I still have it!"

  • I Stood Up to a Gang


    "My husband and I were walking back from dinner when a group of guys approached us and demanded that I 'give them my hamburger.' I told them it wasn't a hamburger, but collard greens and corn bread, which sounded even better to them! They tried to take it and I snatched it away and said, 'I'm pregnant and I need my nutrients!' They backed off after that and actually congratulated me."

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