11 Moms Share Their Craziest Pregnancy Moments

pregnantPregnancy is a beautiful, magical time, but let's get real here, it isn't all yummy omega-rich smoothies and prenatal massages. In addition to the swollen feet, the inability to get comfortable, and having to pee every three minutes, mamas-to-be, and anyone in their crossfire, have to deal with mood swings. Some crazier than others.

We asked mothers for their craziest (no, craziest) pregnancy moments, and wow, we got some doozies! Think that time you cried when you learned the ice cream shop was out of peanut butter swirl was bad? Get a load of these stories.

(And, yes, these ladies, thankfully, can laugh about this now.)


What's the craziest thing you ever did when pregnant?


Image via © Mike McGill/CORBIS

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