11 Moms Share Their Child's First Curse Word .... Awwww

baby curseHearing a baby coo his or her first word can make any parent a little emotional. But hearing them drop their first F-bomb or utter a curse word will make you downright lose it. Or applaud it. Either way, you'll be shocked the first time you hear your precious angel curse like a drunken' sailor. And unless you're a precious angel yourself, chances are that day will come a lot sooner than you think. (Hint: Guess where your kids are learning it?)

We asked moms to share their child's first swear word ...

  1. When she was around three years old, my daughter made up the 'Dammit Song.' Every word was dammit."
  2. "We pulled my son's first tooth and he said, 'Oh shit, I am bleeding!' I was very nice, but said that he could not say that word."
  3. "My daughter said, 'What the hell?' when she was around four. We'd just bought a new area rug and it wouldn't lay flat."
  4. "My son was four and the dog had an accident on the floor. I was pissed and looking for my husband to help with clean-up. As soon as he walked into the room, my son says in a pissed-off voice, 'Dad, where  were you?! There is shit on the floor!' We couldn't help but laugh because it was just so funny that he was so serious."
  5. "My mom was stepping over a wooden baby gate and didn't quite raise her foot enough and tripped. My son goes running over, 'Oh, son of a bitch, Grandma! Are you okay?'" He was three and that was the one and only time he swore."
  6. "My hubby is a former Marine. Anyone that knows Marines know they have potty mouths. My daughter had been around his coworkers a few times and then I heard her calling her teddy bear a 'fucking bitch' in a whisper voice when she was about two."
  7. "My son was about two or so and we were walking through a parking lot. A car started backing out and almost hit us. My son shook his fist and yelled 'FUCKER, we are walking here!'"
  8. "We were driving and a guy cut us off and we had to slam on the brakes. My husband yells, 'Look at this, dick face!' In the backseat, my 3-year-old daughter was sitting with little pigtails and a pink dress holding a doll and we hear her squeaky little voice all innocent say, 'Who's a dick face, daddy?'"
  9. "My 3-year-old daughter called her dad a jackass when he put one of her shoes on the wrong foot."
  10. "My 4-year-old was at preshcool and they looked out the window and my son said, 'There goes the F#^king firetruck!' His teacher was an older German woman. She called me immediately. Laughing."
  11. "Our pastor gave my then five-year-old son a Tic Tac candy. He dropped it on the floor and said, 'Oh, shit.' I was mortified. Of all places he had to parrot my bad language, it had to be in church."


What was your child's first curse word?


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