'I'm So Pregnant' Is the 'Fancy' Parody Every Mom Can Relate To (VIDEO)

pregnant bellyThere's nothing like a bond over a shared experience to create a friendship. So ladies, get all your pregnant friends together for a very important video viewing party. Guaranteed, they'll all totally get it.

WhatsUpMoms has been doing parody videos for years. But her latest, a new take on Iggy Azalea's "Fancy," totally takes the cake. The stresses of the final month of pregnancy are too real. So naturally, she took to song to share the struggles. Check it out:


Can't see your toes? Can't fit in any clothes? Can't decide on names? The constant trips to the bathroom? Yeah, she covers them all.

And we are all in this together!

Can you relate to the song?


Image via derekb/Flickr

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