5 Father's Day Poems to Make Dad LOL

kid giving dad a card

Father's Day is fast approaching! You might want to make a note to go shopping for the perfect card now so you're not forced to settle for what's left at the last minute. Or better yet, why not have the kids make dad a card this year, with a very special message inside that they wrote all on their own?

Sure ... men can be pretty tough sometimes, but nothing quite melts a father's heart like a few sweet and loving words from his children. (Even if they make him crack up in the process of tearing up.)

And hey ... if your kids aren't exactly creative when it comes to crafting the perfect message for dad, they can always "borrow" one of these clever little Father's Day poems, which will no doubt give him a much-needed laugh.


From the screen-obsessed kid:

Roses are red, violets are blue ...

You and I both know video games give you a break too.


From the sports fanatic:

Playing catch is a blast and I love when you pitch,

But that time you forgot bug repellent really made me itch.

And watching football with you on Sundays always makes me smile,

Even when you drink too much beer and pass out for awhile.

Kicking around the soccer ball is so much fun,

Thanks for always being my number one!


From Daddy's little princess:

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Even though you totally hate it, you brush my hair anyways.

And playing tea party with me might not be ideal,

But you still go along with it because you know how it makes me feel.

How can I ever thank you for sitting through Frozen 100 times or more?

With a big hug and a kiss for the one I most adore!


From both kiddos:

You're the best dad ever and there could never be another,

Even though we drive you so crazy sometimes, you yell for our mother.

You let us eat sugar and stay up late,

Even after a long day when you've had a lot on your plate.

And we're sorry about that time we hid your car keys,

But we know you'll always forgive us if we say, "Pretty please?"

We love you Daddy ... more than you'll ever know,

We're even letting you play golf today -- so hurry up and go!


From you on behalf of the kids:

Roses are red, violets are blue ...

Don't you dare let this golf thing go to your head or I'm going shopping and leaving the kids with you.

How do your kids plan on wishing their dad a happy Father's Day?


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