10 Quotes for Father's Day That Will Make Him LOL​

Jeanne Sager | Jun 14, 2014 Being a Mom

fatherYou know what Dad really needs this Father's Day? Hint: it's not another tie that will likely end up living on the bottom of the closet. And no, not another "I'm the grill master" apron. What Dad needs is the same thing every parent needs when the going gets tough ... a little nod to the fact that we're all in this together, and a big ol' belly laugh.

So before you go out and buy one of those mushy gushy "we love you dad" cards, how about some funny quotes about fatherhood to tell him, "Yup, we get it, your life will never be the same?"

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10 Funny Quotes About Being a Dad

We love the song in #8 -- would you sing that one?


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