1 Thing Every Breastfeeding Mom Should Do Before It's Too Late

breastfeedingA new kind of photo session has made its way into the world: Professional breastfeeding photos. Yep, shortly after pregnancy photo shoots became about as common as wedding pictures, moms are now having professional photographers take pictures of them in one of their most intimate moments with their child: When they're nursing.


Many people likely will roll their eyes at this notion, chalking this up to being another way for moms to waste money on themselves and on their babies. But at its core, it's about so much more than a superficial photo shoot. So often, after having kids, moms find themselves shunning away from the camera, embarrassed by their postpartum bellies, boobs, and butts. To put all insecurities aside in order to document such a sweet, fleeting-in-time moment is incredibly powerful. Not only does it show that women are taking ownership over their bodies, it's such an important period of time -- one that should be documented, be it by a professional photographer or a husband and an iPhone. We photograph all the big moments in our lives -- particularly ones involving kids -- it only makes sense to get a few pictures of the nursing years, especially if it wasn't something that came easy to mom and/or baby, which is often the case.

I didn't breastfeed my daughter as long as I would have liked, and I'm so sorry I didn't get any photos of myself doing so. I certainly wouldn't have hired a professional photographer, and I likely wouldn't have displayed the photo in my home for everyone to see, but it would be nice to have something tangible that would bring me back to that stressful, crazy, amazing, and beautiful time. I mean, we're feeding our children through our bodies. That's unbelievable! And amazing! And certainly something that is worthy of a few snaps of a camera.

Do you have photos of yourself breastfeeding your baby?


Image via Christine Rogers/Flickr

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