15 Worst Things About Being Pregnant on an Airplane

Suzee Skwiot | Jun 6, 2014 Being a Mom

air plane seatAir travel is awful. Ask anyone and it's guaranteed that they have their own personal airplane travel story from hell. But try doing it all while you're pregnant. Then you're in for a real treat.

Everything from airplane food to seat belts to using the bathroom becomes impossible. Those "extra leg room" seats? HA HA HA. Oh, and the "delicious" smell of that yummy airplane food, not to mention your seatmate's B.O. There's no doubt about it. Everything is worse when you're pregnant on a plane.

We asked moms to share their thoughts on the worst part of being pregnant on an airplane, and you'll cringe at what they had to say.

Have you flown while pregnant? How did it go?


Image via Travel Collector/Flickr

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