15 Worst Things About Being Pregnant on an Airplane

Suzee Skwiot | Jun 6, 2014 Being a Mom

air plane seatAir travel is awful. Ask anyone and it's guaranteed that they have their own personal airplane travel story from hell. But try doing it all while you're pregnant. Then you're in for a real treat.

Everything from airplane food to seat belts to using the bathroom becomes impossible. Those "extra leg room" seats? HA HA HA. Oh, and the "delicious" smell of that yummy airplane food, not to mention your seatmate's B.O. There's no doubt about it. Everything is worse when you're pregnant on a plane.

We asked moms to share their thoughts on the worst part of being pregnant on an airplane, and you'll cringe at what they had to say.

Have you flown while pregnant? How did it go?


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  • Reclining Chairs


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    “The a**hole in front of us decided to lean his seat back for the ENTIRE flight. I had my 3-year-old in the seat next to me so there wasn’t a whole lot I could do about it but silently HATE this man.”


  • Short Seat Belts


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    "The seatbelt."

    Ouch, that's tight. Extender, please.

  • Bathroom Break!


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    “I was stuck in the middle seat on a nonstop flight from LA to FL.”

    Better grab an aisle seat, because nature will call at least a dozen times during the flight.

  • Tiny Bathrooms


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    “I can barely fit into a non-handicap bathroom stall when I'm toward the end of my pregnancy. I can't imagine fitting into an airplane bathroom and getting the door shut!”

  • Double the Nausea


    Image via Ian Munroe/Flickr

    "Morning sickness mixed with turbulence."

    Bad combo.

  • Embarrassing 'Tummy' Problems


    Image via terretta/Flickr

    “Having terrible gas and being trapped in a tin can in the sky with a couple hundred people is miserable. When you get gas, you have no one to blame it on. You will land in humiliation city.”

  • No Cocktails


    Image via Chimpanz APe/Flickr

    “Not being able to have an extremely overpriced alcoholic beverage.”

    Granted, who wants to pay $17 for a cranberry vodka anyways? But you'd at least like the option.

  • Forget the Tray


    Image via Sean Munson/Flickr

    "Not being able to put the seat tray down.”

  • Cozy Seating


    Image via Sun Brockie/Flickr

    “My ribs were jammed into my uterus and I was really uncomfortable.”

  • No Escape


    Image via satanslaundromat/Flickr

    "The overload of smells."

    You're stuck.

  • Bad Snacks


    Image via Yuichi Sakuraba/Flickr

    “Couldn't stand the snacks they served.”

    Have you formed an aversion to pretzels? Can't handle the smell of peanuts? You're SOL.

  • Luggage Lifts


    Image via Canadian Pacific/Flickr

    "Putting your luggage up."

    Best hope there's a good Samaritan around to help you lift that carry-on.

  • Snakes


    Image via New Line Cinema


    Samuel L. Jackson is on this flight, right?

  • Narrow Aisles


    Image via Janus Bahs Jacquet/Flickr

    "Trying to fit in the aisles."

  • No Mile High Club


    Image via IcaWise/Flickr

    “Pregnancy belly makes it harder to have sex in the bathroom!”

    You barely made it into the bathroom. Good luck trying to fit another body in there.

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