8 Common Mistakes All Moms Make in Summer

mom applying sunscreen

Ahh ... summer. It's quite possibly the most wonderful time of the year not only because the weather is gorgeous, but because we get to enjoy a lot more quality time with our kids doing all sorts of fun activities.

But while we're enjoying every single moment, there are so many little mistakes moms make that can wind up turning our seasonal adventures into horrible experiences. So we really need to make sure to cover all of our bases before heading out into the great outdoors.

After all, there's no bigger buzz kill than looking back on what should've been a fun day for the whole family and saying, "Ugh. If only I'd remembered to do ... such and such."


Here are eight common mistakes made by moms in summer. Make sure they don't happen to you!

  1. Sunscreen Failure -- Odds are good that you'll remember the sunscreen, but make sure you don't forget to apply it to places like the soles of the feet, hairline, and underneath straps and right around the waistline, as bathing suits will shift during some point in the day. Burnt toes and scalps are the worst!
  2. Empty Pantry -- OMG. The last thing you need is to have your kids begging for snacks only to realize you ran out yesterday. Now that school is over, they plow through food much faster, so make sure to stock the pantry and fridge for all-day summer eating!
  3. Forgetting About Bugs -- Sure, you always apply sunblock. But if you forget to use mosquito repellent, even in your own backyard, you'll probably wind up with the kiddos itching and scratching like crazy.
  4. summer mom mistakesNot Drinking Enough Water -- Even when there is a breeze or you're enjoying the pool, you still sweat. You need to make sure you and the kids are guzzling down water to stay hydrated.
  5. Being Unprepared -- Carrying around a first-aid kit complete with calamine lotion, Band-Aids, and everything in between is a must at any time of the year, but especially during the summer months when you're spending most of your time outdoors. Never venture out unless you're prepared for any unfortunate scenario.
  6. Not Having Enough Clothes -- Summer can be unpredictable, so have a "just in case" bag packed in your car. Fill it with a change of clean clothes for the kids and also swimsuits and towels. You never know when someone will invite you over to swim -- and you don't want to see looks of disappointment on your kids' faces because you don't have their suits!
  7. Forgetting Sunglasses -- Can't understand why your kids are miserable and whiny on a gorgeous day? It could be because they're sick and tired of squinting. Think about how much you loathe being outside without your shades. Many kids feel exactly the same way.
  8. Not Packing Food -- You never know how long you are going to be out and about, and you never know when you're going to hear "I'm hungry!" coming from the backseat of the car. Always pack a cooler with drinks and healthy snacks so you aren't tempted to rush to the nearest drive-thru.

What tips do you have for making summer easier?


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