Chubby Dancing Baby Scores Way High on Our Happiness-O-Meter (VIDEO)

kids dancing shoesRemember when "Gangnam Style" was the it dance to come out of South Korea two years ago? Well lucky for us, the dance sensation of summer 2K14 has finally arrived. And it's all courtesy of one adorable chubby Korean baby.

The latest dancing baby video to go viral features two siblings from South Korea grooving to "I Got My Eye on You" by Nari & Milani and Cristian Marchi. While the brother stands timidly on the left, his sister wastes no time busting her moves. And once the beat drops, it's game over. Check her out:


It's now known as the "wiggle." And it's coming to dance floors and homes near you.

I mean, seriously, she has it all. There's arm waving, hip shaking, booty swinging, body dipping. And don't you just want to pinch those cheeks?! Kids are so cute when they're at that wobbly stage!

10s all around! Give her all the prizes. And keep dancing, little lady!

What's your baby's favorite dance move?


Image via Randen Pederson/Flickr

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