10 Motivational Posters for Moms Heading Into a LONG Summer With Kids (PHOTOS)

Linda Sharps | Jun 5, 2014 Being a Mom

family feet in the pool

As a parent, is summer your very favorite time of year? Do you wait with nearly breathless anticipation for the last day of school, and rejoice over the weeks of lazy schedules and 24/7 time with your children?

If so, this post isn't for you. It's for the moms who find themselves struggling just a teeny, tiny bit during the no-school summer months. The moms who do secret fist pumps when stores start advertising back-to-school specials. The moms who love what summer means to their kids ... but who also know summer isn't a vacation when you're a parent: it's an endurance challenge.

Here are 10 deliciously cheesy motivational images to help lift our s-s-summertime, summertime sadness.

Image ©iStock.com/XiXinXing

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