​​5-Year-Old's 3 Girlfriends Are Totally Stressing Him Out (VIDEO)

The older you get, the more problems you have -- just take it from this heartbroken 5-year-old boy, whose mom posted a video on YouTube of him lamenting over the fact that he has not one, not two, but THREE little girlfriends who are simply making his life a chaotic mess. Rather than count his blessings, this little guy has decided the only right thing to do here is to simply cut one of his cuties loose. But who should get the axe? Decisions, decisions!


This adorable video, which has gained 2.9 million views in just a few days, takes you back to a time when the world was a much simpler place and men lived by a code: Two girlfriends are a-okay, but three? Oh, now you're going too far.

The boy tells mom his life is a little bit stressful at the moment: "They're all pretty. I have to give one up." And then, like many of us do, he gets all nostalgic on us: "I wish I was 4 again." Don't we all?

Here you go -- your daily dose of cute:

 What big "problems" do your little ones have?


Image via YouTube

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