Dog's Diaper Changing Tricks Go Viral (VIDEO)

dog helps change baby's diaperTaking care of a newborn can be a rough job. Moms, don't you ever wish you had a handy assistant around to help you? Even just someone to take care of changing the diaper ... or at least someone who can give you all the necessary tools and then dispose of the nasties?

Well, you're in luck. Because there's one pooch who's up for the role. Charlie the beagle recently welcomed a new addition into the family, and it seems like he's acclimating pretty nicely. So well, in fact, that he's helping mom with the diaper changes. Check him out:


He expertly grabs the wipes, clean diaper, and powder and hands them to mom. Then, he takes the dirty diaper, throws it away, and even shuts the bin.

New parents often wonder how family pets will react to a new baby, but it looks like Charlie's parents don't have to worry. He's even eager to help out! And seriously, can we clone this guy? Pretty sure every mom will want their own Charlie.

How do your pets act around your newborn?


Image via CharlieDaDog/YouTube

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