Putting Sunscreen on a Toddler Is Worse Than Having a Root Canal

mom applying sunscreen

Now that summer is fast approaching, most of us are all, "Yay! It's time for lazy days, fun in the sun, and not having to deal with coats and nasty weather for at least a few months!"

But as awesome as summer is, there's definitely one thing about this season that's a total pain in the ass -- sunscreen.

Yes, it's essential and we're super shitty parents if we don't put it on our kids every single time we think about heading outdoors. But can I get an "amen" for just how hellish it is to apply sunscreen to a toddler?


It goes a little something like this.

You look outside, and it's sunny. Damn it. Time for SPF 50.

Pauly D
You sneak the bottle of sunscreen out of the cabinet so junior doesn't see it, because you're clever like that.

Taylor Swift

And then you bribe him into coming over to you with a piece of candy.

Dave Grohl
He sees the bottle and prepares to bolt -- and you immediately go into lockdown mode. He's not getting away this time.

You manage to get a little in your hands, then hold the bottle in your teeth while trying to spread some on his cheeks -- all while he screams and protests like you're trying to kill him. OMG. The pressure is building.

Sigourney Weaver Alien
All of his flailing about causes you to get some in his eye. Fuck.

Emma Stone
You manage to wipe it out of his eye with your T-shirt, then go into total calm mode, hoping if you don't panic, he won't either.

Leighton Meester

Despite the kicking and screaming, you somehow get the majority of his body covered and figure it's probably good enough.

Jennifer Aniston

Satisfied, you decide to cut him loose -- and he runs away from you like you're a damn freight train.

Macaulay Culkin

You breathe a sigh of relief and take a moment to regroup. Hey, at least it's over.

Blanche Golden Girls
But then you realize you forgot to do the back of his neck and his ears and you're all ...

Tina Fey

Does your toddler fight you when you try and apply sunscreen?


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