2-Month-Old Baby Can Already Say 'I Love You' (VIDEO)

baby says i love youMost 2-month-old babies aren't capable of doing much more than eating, sleeping, pooping, or just beginning to laugh. But one baby has surpassed all of her milestones and has uttered those three little words every parent can't wait to hear. She said, "I love you" to her dad.

In a video posted by the tiny baby's mom, the baby girl is cooing and babbling like wild, trying her hardest to repeat after her dad. Then after multiple attempts, she faintly says, "I love you." And all our ovaries explode.

Take a look:


Amazing, right? Parents can't wait until babies can finally "talk" to them, and this one just totally rocked her first sentence. And if she's muttering words after only 8 weeks, it's easy to say she's going to be gabbing sufficiently by the time she hits the one-year mark.

When did your baby first say "I love you"?


Image via Stephanie Passalacqua/YouTube

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