Summer as a Kid vs. Summer as a Mom (PHOTOS)

Linda Sharps | Jun 4, 2014 Being a Mom

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Summer is right around the corner, which means you'll have around 10 weeks to marvel at the fact that everything you loved about summer when you were a kid ... well, it kind of sucks now that you're a mom.

I don't mean that summer as a whole is unenjoyable, of course. What am I, some kind of sunshine-and-warm-weather-hating Grinch? It's just that plenty of the things you associated with summer during your own childhood aren't quite the same now that you're an adult with kids of your own. Take a look at this list and see if you don't agree!

  • When you were a kid: 'I love sand!'


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    The sand, the salt, the waves ... going to the beach as a kid is the BEST THING EVER.

  • Now that you're a mom: 'I HATE YOU, SAND. DIE DIE DIE.'


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    These days a trip to the beach means one thing above all else: sweeping. Because sand gets EVERYWHERE. You'll be finding sand in weird places -- your car, the kitchen, between your child's toes after five baths -- for weeks.

  • When you were a kid: 'Swimming is the best!'


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    As a kid, you didn't want to get out of the water EVER.

  • Now that you're a mom: 'Swimsuits are the WORST.'


    Via someecards

    Bathing suit shopping. Bathing suit wearing. BATHING SUITS, EXISTENCE THEREOF: Ugh.

  • When you were a kid: 'Popsicles make me happy!'


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    Do kids love anything more than a rapidly melting popsicle eaten in the summer sunshine? Ahhhh.

  • Now that you're a mom: 'Popsicles fill me with WHITE HOT RAGE.'


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    Gosh, there's nothing I love more than cleaning up after the sticky trail of a kid with bright-blue popsicle-stained hands.

  • When you were a kid: 'Bring on the sunshine!'


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    Remember when you would just spend hours soaking up the sun and you never worried about skin cancer or wrinkles or sun spots?

  • Now that you're a mom: 'Where's the SPF 500?'


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    So long, Hawaiian Tropic.

  • When you were a kid: 'Yay, there's nothing to do!'


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    No school used to mean hours and hours of doing whatever you wanted.

  • Now that you're a mom: 'MOMMMMM, I'M BOOOOORED.'


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    When did kids lose the ability to entertain themselves? Or were we bored too back then, and we just don't remember it that way?

  • When you were a kid: 'SUMMER MEANS FREEDOM!'


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    Back then: No school? NO WORRIES! WHEEEEEEEEEE.

  • Now that you're a mom: 'SUMMER MEANS NEVER GETTING A BREAK EVER.'


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    Godspeed, fellow moms. Godspeed.

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