Grandma's Over-the-Top Response to Baby Announcement Goes Viral (VIDEO)

grandma pregnancy revealWell in case you haven't heard, this mom is excited to be a grandma.

Judy Minunni received a casual Valentine's Day card from her daughter. Except this year, it said, "Happy Valentine's, Grandma." After initially thinking it was one big fat joke, the grandma-to-be got the hint, and she celebrated. Loudly.

But her reaction is absolutely perfect. It's always exciting to see future grandparents get so pumped to hear about their arriving grandchild. And you can already tell this grandma is so excited to welcome the new addition.

Check out her amazing, and eardrum-piercing, reaction. And just a warning: you might want to turn your volume down.


How awesome right? Plus, we're pretty sure even the baby heard that one, so at least it's now familiar with grandma's voice! "Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Don't mess with me, Lisa!" Hear that, Lisa? Mom's just a little happy to hear the news. Congrats!

How did you announce your pregnancy?


Image via Lisa Englert/YouTube

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